9. Reading practice
Suggested time for this section is 4 minutes.

Read the text and answer the true or false questions on the next page. You can come back to the text if necessary.

To work in finance

Hi, I’m Fiona and I’m an accountant. I work in Edinburgh for one of the big accountancy firms. To work in finance in my family is very natural because almost everybody does it. My father is a bank manager, my mother is the finance director by the same branch and both of my brothers are insurance brokers. Earlier I worked as a tax inspector and consultant by another firm, but now as a bookkeeper I look at the financial records of a lot of companies. We work with the accountants of those companies and the people who work under them. I like profession although when I was younger I wanted to be a market analyst or a stock broker. Sometimes we act as auditors: specialist outside accountants who audit a company’s accounts that is we check them at the end of a particular period to see if they give a true and fair view. An audit can take several days, even for a fairly small company. At the moment I am auditing one of the biggest commodity traders in the city. My distant plan in my career is to be a financial advisor.

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